The 2nd round of the pre-selection competition for the post-doctoral candidates has ended

The post-doctoral research support project is an important financial instrument of the European Regional Development Fund aimed at developing research capacities and furthering career development of young scientists (post-doctoral researchers).

In 2018 competition, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) has received 8 applications from post-doctoral candidates. With ViA scientific council’s decision No.1/1.1.-1/1.8. (protocol No. 2018-2/ZP) all project applications have been approved for submission to the State Education Development Agency and ERAF project competition for the post-doctoral research support:

  • Efficient Power-Delay Management Model for Enhancing the Lifetime of IoT Devices (project manager Ali Abdulqader Bin Salem, Jemena) consultant - ViA Professor Juris Binde


  • Smart Digital Institution/Smart Digital Environment (project manager Adewiunmi Obafemi Ogunbase, Nigeria/Finland), consultant - ViA Professor Sarma Cakula


  • The Study of Knowledge Value Chain to Empower the Creation of New Start-ups (project manager Mesifin Fikre Woldmariam, Ethiopia) consultant - ViA Associate Professor, Kaspars Osis and Professor, Agita Līviņa



  • Stimulating approach of learning math, using technologies that boosts teaching (MathTEL) (project manager Aija Cunska), consultant -  ViA Associate Professor, Dr.phys. Atis Kapenieks


  • Architecture of interactive online spaces (project manager ViA Associate Professor Jānis Buholcs), consultant - ViA Associate Professor, Dr. phys. Artis Kapenieks and Dr.phil. Jurģis Šķilters (Computer science professor at the University of Latvia)


  • Sustainable Energy efficiency Policy design tool within Socio-technical systems (SEPOS) (project manager Lelde Timma), consultant ViA doc. Ginta Majore


  • Research of a comprehensive body rehabilitation program for people with lower limb amputations using complemented reality and data of wearable technology (project manager Linda Lancere), consultant ViA assoc. Prof. Arnis Cīrulis

The objective of the activity is to develop the skills of new scientists and to increase their scientific capacity, providing opportunities for the new scientists to start a career in scientific institutions and enterprises, as well as to ensure the improvement of research competences, renewal of human resources and increase in the number of qualified specialists.