Leveraging ICT Product Innovations by Enhancing Codes of Modern Art


The scientific objective of the project is research in the field of ICT and modern art in Latvia in order to find new ideas to benefit ICT rooted in the contemporary cultural tradition that has already lasted over one hundred years and which embodies the basic intellectual codes of today.


PostDoctorate Research Project

Supported by ERDF

Project manager: assistant professor Ieva Gintere

Project duration: 01.09.2017. - 31.08.2020.

Project number:


The aim of this project is to form a new methodology of ICT products’ creation using knowledge of the theory of modern art (hereinafter – TMA) and its subsequent postmodernity expression, paving the way for a novel approach to culturally based digital production. The planned action is to experimentally create models, prototypes and examples of ICT as bearers of intellectual capital and analyze existing products while forming this kind of methodology. The impact of the new ICT methodology is a transfer of knowledge about contemporary artworks into ICT.


Thus, it is an impact on the Latvian digital society as knowledge about modern art that is insufficient at present. The major deliverable of this project will be a new methodology for the translation of art codes into ICT products, taking into account that the ICT and TMA are specifically segregated / unconnected fields and today’s interdisciplinary scientific approach demands their crosscutting.

Key words: knowledge society, knowledge value chain, modernism, hidden culture codes, ICT product development, intellectual capital, creative industries.


Partner: Interactive Agency Cube.


Accomplished activities of the project

1. State-of-the art in the field of modernism codes and its intersection with ICT 

2. In-depth interviews and their analysis (interviews of artists, digital art representatives and ICT specialists, analysis of interviews, description of art codes) (scientific seminar)

8. Concept of product prototype 

9. Scientific publication

Gintere, I., Zagorskis, V., Kapenieks, A. (2018). “Concepts of E-learning Accessibility Improvement – Codes of New Media Art and User Behaviour Study”. 10th CSEDU International Conference on Computer Supported Education, proceedings, Portugal, Madeira, March 15-17 , vol. 1, p. 426-431.