Tourism Intelligence Latvia 



The aim of the research project is using advantages of ICT development to create GIS solutions-based tourism intelligence platform of market information, providing analyses and forecasts of pan-Baltic Big Data representing cross-sectoral industry performance in multi-destination levels to improve competitiveness of Latvia in export markets and facilitate regional development.

Tourism Intelligence Latvia (TourInteLV) is a project using participatory research, integrated across the fields of ICT and GIS mapping, the social sciences and complexity science, to empower stakeholders from tourism industry to make strategic and responsible decisions for their future. The project will bring together, on a pan-Baltic level, Big Data with new modelling and new form of interaction leading to a comprehensive understanding of tourism connectivity and society involved in travel and its co-evolution with technology. It is aimed to provide one-stop platform for market intelligence to strengthen competitiveness of businesses and destination management organizations (DMO), especially on a regional level. Even more ubiquitous communication and sensing blur the boundaries between the physical and digital spheres, creating unparalleled opportunities for better understanding the socio-economic processes of tourism in holistic spatial extent. Data from public statistics, open or professional sources and data available from geo-located mobile devices will be integrated in the maps and visualizations. Technology melds maps with data and well-designed information to see the human geography and raising mobility in a smarter way. New public resource will help for public institutions and enterprises to aggregate, access query and understand vast amounts of data and forecast promoting innovative approaches.

The objectives of the research:

  • To establish solid theoretical base for goal-oriented applied research including human geography, social sciences and complexity science with participatory research methods, ICT and GIS modelling techniques for in-depth analyses of tourism phenomena.
  • To analyse reliable Big Data sources and possibilities of smart converting them into customized and accurate information flow for industry development needs, arranging legal issues about usage of data.
  • To develop holistic GIS solutions based tourism intelligence platform model with accurate well-designed visualizations and customized forecast options.
  • Develop adaptive ICT based tool for measuring of tourism flow in space, time and customer behaviour context supplementing insight of quantitative information reached in the first objectives.
  • Disseminate research results and promote strategic usage of them among the industry and involve in active participation.

Planned results: a research project implemented internationally and discussed in the industry with an up-to-date theoretical basis for solving the problem. A developed socio-technical systems model and ICT solution with practical application, scientifically substantiated and developed with precise involvement of large-scale data.


PostDoctorate research project

Project Manager: HESPI Researcher Dr.geogr. Andris Klepers (

Project duration: 01.09.2017. - 31.08.2020.

Project number:

The research project is implemented with the PostDoctoral research support (ERDF)

Accomplished activities of the project:

  1. Popular-science review 01.09.2017 - 28.02.2018