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Post-doctoral research support

The post-doctoral research support project is an important financial instrument of the European Regional Development Fund aimed at developing research capacities and career development of young scientists (post-doctoral researchers). Over the next seven years, more than 60 million euros will be available to young scientists.

The objective of the activity is to develop the skills of new scientists and to increase their scientific capacity, ensuring the possibilities for the new scientists to start a career in scientific institutions and in enterprises, as well as the improvement of research competences, renewal of human resources and increase in the number of qualified specialists.

An application for post-doctoral research may be submitted by a young scientist from Latvia or abroad who has obtained a doctoral degree no earlier than 5 years before the deadline for the submission of the research application.

The pre-selection of post-doctoral applications of ViA (1st stage) was organiSed in accordance with the Regulations on pre-selection of post-doctoral applications at ViA (28.09.2016.) for the submission of research applications in the selection round of research applications in the programme "Growth and Jobs" specific support objective 1.1.1. "To increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian scientific institutions and the ability to attract external funding by investing in human resources and infrastructure" activity “Post-doctoral research support ".

4 applications were received in ViA competition:

“IoT elements dynamic 3D visualization in outdoor augmented reality modes”) (Associate Professor Arnis Cīrulis);

“Tourism Intelligence Latvia” (Docent Andris Klepers);

“Leveraging ICT product innovations by enhancing codes of modern art” (Docent Ieva Gintere);

“Integrated Design of Techo-Social Systems: Next Generation of Tourism Monitoring in Latvia” (Iluta Bērziņa).

All ViA applications submitted in 2017 were approved by the State Education Development Agency with a condition.


Atis Kapenieks, Vice-rector for Academic and Scientific Work

2nd Call for Post-Doctoral Research Applications

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) has launched the 2nd call for Post-Doctoral Research Applications within the Activity «Post-doctoral Research Aid» of the Specific Aid Objective 1.1.1 «To increase the research and innovative capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and the ability to attract external financing, investing in human resources and infrastructure» of the Operational Program «Growth and Employment».

The aim is to attract post-doctoral researchers that would contribute to development of excellent research at ViA in accordance with the strategic goals of the university. The Post-Doctoral Research Aid provides an opportunity for young researchers to develop their skills and increase their scientific capacity as well as start a career in a scientific institution.

The successive applicants will be invited to join a networking seminar at ViA during November 21st – December 1st, all expenses covered by ViA, to work at the final version of the project application in collaboration with the research personnel of ViA.


Eligibility criteria:

·         A PhD acquired after 15 December 2012;

·         A research project proposal:

contributing to achievement of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Latvia;

complying with the research direction of ViA – Digital solutions for solving social challenges, and one of its subdirections:

  • Smart technologies and eco-buildings in the national economy
  • Virtual reality technologies and visualization
  • E-learning technologies and management
  • Socio-technical systems modelling technologies
  • Sustainable national economy and knowledge society
  • Communication ecosystem and technologies

Type of research: basic/fundamental research or industrial/applied research

Maximum funding: 133 806 EUR per project with a maximum salary of 2731 EUR per month (including taxes) and maximum unit costs of 800 EUR per month

Maximum duration: 36 months

Application deadline: October 16th 2017

The selection of Post-Doctoral Research Applications at ViA is the first stage of preparation of the Post-Doctoral Applications for submission to the State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia.


Preselection documentation:

Europass CV,

List of publications,

Copies of 5 the most important publications,

Research project proposal.


Follow the information about the Post-Doctoral Research Aid Program: Post Doc Research Aid


Contact information:

Ieva Gintere

Scientific project manager

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Cēsu iela 4, Valmiera

LV 4201