Latvia in brief

Latvia is a beautiful Northern European country, located on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918 and the country will celebrate its 100th birthday on 18 November 2018.

Its area size is 64.6 km2 and almost fifty percent of Latvia is  covered by forests.

The country boasts sandy beaches (Latvia's Baltic coastline is 494 km long), great network of rivers, lakes, lowland plains and rolling hills. It boarders Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania and it's population is around 2 million.

Here you'll experience all four seasons, with summer reaching beyond 25°C and temperature dropping just as far on the other half of the temperature spectrum during winter.

The captial of Latvia is Rīga, and more than one third of Latvia's population calls it home.

Latvian is the main language in Latvia, but you'll find that a lot of people are fluent in English or Russian.

Get to know Latvia!

About Valmiera

Valmiera is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, a member of the Hanseatic League, and currently the largest city of Vidzeme Planning Region. There is the Church of St Simon and the ruins of the Livonian Order Valmiera Medieval Castle.

And, of course, Valmiera is one of the few places in the region with a university that definitely adds some charm.

Entertainment and leisure

Valmiera is a place where many things are available, but at the same time it is not too much. There is an active cultural life, the opportunity to visit theatre and cinema, concerts and balls, not forgetting sports events such as the State President’s Prize in Athletics, games of Valmiera sports clubs that successfully participate in competitions in Latvia and Europe. Everyone can take part in the Valmiera Marathon, enjoy the trail in the trees near the River Gauja steep banks, hire boats and go on a trip in the Gauja, use cycling routes, etc.


The most popular and well-known events that regularly take place in Valmiera:

  • Ancient Music Festival;
  • Choir and dance group competitions;
  • City and Flower Festivals;
  • International Art Symposium;
  • Simjūda Fair and so on.


The popular sports events in Valmiera:

  • Vidzeme Olympic Running Day;
  • Cycling Marathon Cēsis-Valmiera;
  • International Athletics Competition for Youth;
  • State President’s Prize in Athletics;
  • Popular skiing competition "Baiļu apļi";
  • Vidzeme Open Hockey Championship.


The city is large enough, but leaving the centre is just a 10-minute walk. There is an opportunity to spend a lot of time in nature, there are parks in the city, and it is possible to enjoy

the beautiful nature of Latvia in Valmiera and the surrounding area at any time of the year in Kazu Rapids, near Dzirnavu Lake, on the steep banks of the Gauja River, on the Luca Hill and elsewhere.

Accommodation and catering

Also, do not forget about a proper and delicious meal. For a reasonable price you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the city's canteens - "Tērbata", "Bastions", etc. or enjoy a taste of the Valmiermuiža Brewery.

Those who want to spend more time in Valmiera can relax in one of the city’s accommodation establishments - Hotel Naktsmājas, Jāņa Daliņa Stadium Hotel, guest house "AVOTI", as well as in one of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences hostels (5.00 EUR per night, on average 60 EUR per month).

Prices and discounts

The city has a developed business environment and offers various discounts to students, such as Valmiera Drama Theatre (30% discount on entry ticket), Tinte Bar (20% discount on drinks),

Cinema "Gaisma" (€ 0.50 discount on the ticket), the basketball club "Valmiera / Ordo" games (50% discount for the entry to the game), etc.


If you fail to find something in Valmiera, Riga is only 107 kilometres away,

Sigulda –  58 kilometres away, while there are only 50 kilometres to the border of the neighbouring country of Estonia.