Arnis Cīrulis

Associate professor

Arnis spent his study years in Rīga, but now he calls Valmiera his home and his favourite place in the city is the coastline of Gauja from the Sīmanēni to Gauja River Steep Banks. He lecturers courses including “Virtual and augmented reality technologies,” “Design and administration of global computer networks,” “Data transmission networks,” and “Linux server administration.”

What is your favourite place in Valmiera?

Quite often I try to stay between the Sīmanēni and the banks of Gauja. As there are waters and forests, small hills, I usually run, ski or ride my bike there. It is very important in my everyday life, to do something like that, and Valmiera offers such opportunities.

What distinguishes Valmiera from other Latvian cities?

Valmiera is small and green, but, unlike many other cities in Latvia, it is also filled with students. Valmiera can be considered a student city, university buildings and student hostels that are located all around the city creates that special aura.”

How did you get to work in Vidzeme University of Applied Science?

My passion for Information Technologies began in high school, if I still had such passion as in high school, than even largest mountains could be overthrown. At that time I was passionate every day from morning till evening, and I knew everything, but now it has become a daily life, and it would be difficult to surprise me with something new in this field.

I student Computer Sciences at the University of Latvia, and after my Master's degree I had enough of Rīga. The way to Valmiera was long but romantic as it is more suitable for a quiet and private life (laughing). In short, I got married. But it wasn’t like I was forced to be here, I really like Valmiera and everything is well formed in my life. I came to Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences when my friend was working at ViA and I was invited to have a conversation with the management. They already knew what I had graduated and at first offered me an IT specialist vacancy and gradually I got to the one job where I am now.

To what do you pay the most attention on a daily basis in your work?

I have a lot of work and it’s easy to become a workaholic, because the time is spend at both the computer and the lectures, and frankly, I pay attention to stop myself from working too much. I try to live according to the principle “healthy body, healthy spirit,” and if I’ve spent time at the computer for a month, doing a lot of work, then it is not good, then I don’t feel like in my skin.

Do you have any special method which helps you to deal with difficult situations? What it is?

I find it hard to imagine a complicated situation. Things that seemed complicated, now seem simple, even if there are serious meetings or standing in front of students in auditorium. I just make plans, I have a calendar with tasks and appointment times, everything is planned so that I can prepare, if I have something sudden that I don’t like, then I can say “no, I won’t go” – I need to know about it earlier. Everything is in planning!

What inspires and motivates you?

The work itself at the university, its diversity, the opportunities it offers when it comes to working and doing – the more you do and work, the more opportunities you have and you have to choose from which to refuse. I haven't felt routine here. Vidzeme University of Applied Science for me is inspirational.

What is the taste of Valmiera?

Being honest, the first time I heard the word Valmiera in my childhood, reading the description of "Valmiera mineral water", even in Soviet times, if there was no money to buy “Terhūns,” then we bought "Valmiera mineral water." (laughing) Children didn’t like its taste (laughing). And when I was living here, I was introduced with “blood sausage” (asinsdesa) with peppermint, although I made them in my childhood with my mother, but it never came into our mind to put peppermint in them.