Ilze Grīnfelde


Ilze Grīnfelde is a lecturer at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences who teaches active tourism and its management, tourism project management, rural tourism, small and medium-sized event management, and works as a research assistant at the Institute of Social, Economic and Humanities Research. Having grown from a student to a lecturer, she considers the Iron Bridge to be her favourite place.

What is your favourite place in Valmiera?

I like all of Valmiera. I like the fact that it is big and small at the same time, that the forest and the city are so close. Surprisingly many areas of private houses, the train station neighbourhood and of course the Iron Bridge in the snow. It was built in 1912 as the railway line Ainazi-Valmiera-Smiltene and became a pedestrian bridge after its closure. For me it is both a border and a meeting place. From a nostalgic memory perspective, the midpoint between Ausekla and Zvejnieka student hostels. My morning route to university.

What distinguishes Valmiera from other Latvian cities?

The unobtrusive and unforced dynamics that distracts elsewhere - a creation of an artificial, false world.

What is your way to Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences?

I do not think it is not a very conscious choice, but probably the motivation lies in the desire and character - to share - both to take and to give. It is also a bit of "performing arts" and a selfish desire for the appreciation of an audience. It will not sound credible that going with the flow and a challenge can be combined. But I think this is my case. I was a student at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and had not yet received a diploma when, unexpectedly, Ilgvars Ābols offered me to read a course. Kind of simple, but at the same time the decision had to be made right away. Simultaneously there were two other job offers that in my youthful ambition I accepted. My first job at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences was to read the course “Tourism Project Management”. But my first paid job was at the age of 7 at Krimulda gardens, it was permitted in my childhood.

What do you pay most attention to in your daily work?

Conversations. With students, colleagues and myself. They are very important in creating both the environment and any content.

Do you have your own special rituals when you start or finish or during your working day?

If I have enough time, then I take a walk for an hour before I go to work, it helps to organize my thoughts, to “organize” the day.

Do you have a special method to help you get through difficult situations? What is it?

To stop agonizing and delaying, not to create chaos. Starting from one end, to get down to a particular job and complete it, then the next one. In case of a conflict, to talk. To take the first step and talk. Simply to do things instead of not doing them. To swallow fear, laziness, reluctance and do.

What inspires and motivates you?

My children, art in its diverse expressions - most notably, theatre, painting, sculpture, applied arts. The forest.

What is the taste of Valmiera?

I like what grows in my Burtnieki garden and in the forest. The best recipe is to go to the garden in the summer, pick a sun-warmed cucumber or tomato and eat it together with dill or basil and then a handful of raspberries for dessert.