Lecture with Charles Ayats about Virtual Reality

Tuesday, 20. November

November 20th from from 9:45 to 13:00, Charles Ayats, a lecturer from the French Institute, will visit the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences on Tērbatas Street 10 and will talk about virtual reality.

Everyone interested in the lecture is welcome!

ABOUT Charles Ayats:
Charles Ayats graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins in Interactive Digital Experience, one of the best French schools in Virtual Creation. He is a writer and designer that focuses on game mechanics to help assimilate knowledge. Fascinated by the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality, he has created several experiences like Sens VR, 7 Lives and Le Cri. He was also a participant during NUMA’s Virtual Wednesday on the topic: ”Narration in VR” Sens VR is the first VR experience based on a comic strip book. In 2016, it was selected  in the category Storyscapes at the Tribeca FilmFestival, was a finalist for the category MAGIC of the Unity Vision Summit 2016 and won Best Emotional VR Game for the Emotional Games Awards 2016. SENSVR unfolds the spirit and graphic universe of the book in 3D with its character, scenery, hand drawn lines, and play on light and shade..., and rethinks the script along with the strange relationship between the reader and the character. The game takes  liberties as it cuts across the codes of the various genres: those of comic books, video games, and virtual reality. The character’s duplication (seen internally and externally), the purified space and the story line - almost a philosophical tale - make it unique and yet readily comprehensible to a wide audience. The game is made of 3 chapters of 10 minutes each.