Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences reunion

Saturday, 30. September

On September 30, students, alumni, existing and former staff, teaching staff, and ViA friends of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences have been invited to meet at a reunion called "The postponed Silver Wedding"


30 September from noon 14.00 to 17.00 each hour, accompanied by a narrator, there will be an opportunity to look at what has changed in the corridors and audiences where the sweat of knowledge has been poured. Come alone or with the coursemates! To plan the event, please apply for the tour:

The celebratory event and meeting will be held together at the Valmiera Cultural Centre. Arriving at the place of celebration from 17.00, beginning – at 18.00.
We will open the festivities with solemn congratulations and performances, members of the reunion will be able to participate in a variety of activities, including a charity auction and lottery, where there will be an opportunity to win valuable prizes, capture festive moments in photos, as well as spin fun dancing on accompaniments to both live music and DJ-arranged music. The event will run until the morning of the following day at 4.30.
Format: delighted and with the groins!

Tickets for the evening festive event can be purchased here.


See you in Valmiera!