Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Expands the Support Programme for Students from Belarus by Increasing the Number of Places Offered in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Study Programmes

The political situation in Belarus is difficult, and its society still needs help. Therefore, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) has decided to continue the support programme for students from Belarus by increasing the number of free study places to 30.

Belarusian citizens will have the opportunity to study in eight study programme which are implemented in English. At the bachelor's level, students have the opportunity to study in the study programme "Information Technologies", at the master's level – in the study programmes "Business Environment Administration", "Media and Information Literacy", "Strategic Communication and Governance", "Cybersecurity Engineering", "Virtual Reality and Smart Technologies", but at the doctoral level - in the study programmes “Economics and Business” and “Sociotechnical Systems Modelling”. All the study programmes are planned to be implemented in a full-time study format, however, according to the COVID-19 situation, they can be implemented remotely.

Currently six students from Belarus study at ViA - five of them in the master's study programme "Strategic Communication and Governance" and one student in the study programme "Virtual Reality and Smart Technologies". They have also been awarded scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Science to cover living expenses.

"Helping Belarusian society is our responsibility and our duty. And the future of Belarus will largely depend on how educated their new generation is. And here we can help them. I see how motivated the Belarusian students who are already studying with us are, and I have no doubt that they should be given even more opportunities,” commented Rector Gatis Krūmiņš on ViA initiative.

ViA offers all exchange and full-time foreign students the study course “Latvian Language and Culture Studies”, many students are also involved in research or other projects implemented by the university.

In order to stimulate the interest of prospective students and provide useful information, as well as to answer topical questions, the university will organize an online webinar for citizens from Belarus on March 18.