Integration of Third Country Nationals by Involving Mass Media



The aim of the project: to improve the information quality and the availability of content on third-country nationals provided by the mass media, thus preparing and engaging the media in a constructive dialogue and the development of mutual understanding between third-country nationals and the local community.

The project "Integration of Third Country Nationals by Involving Mass Media" is implemented with the support of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

Project period: August 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018

Total budget: EUR 162 487,03

Target group: Representatives of Latvian mass media (journalists and editors)

Main activities:

  • to create and implement a media content management system: assessment of training needs of media workers, training plans, code of ethics, editorial guidelines;
  • to develop and implement a training program for three different groups (24 academic hours for each group);
  • to organize an experience exchange visit abroad for media representatives on the European media practice in reflecting third-country nationals;
  • to create and distribute media content that confirms the application of the content management system created in the project.

Cooperation partners:

  • Ltd. Publishing House „Rīgas Viļņi”
  • JSC „Radio SWH”
  • JSC „TV Latvija”
  • Ltd. „Vidzemes televīzija”, Latvian Regional Television „Re:TV”
  • Latvian Television
  • Ltd. „Cēsu Druva”
  • Ltd. LETA
  • Association „Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation"

More information on the project: HESPI researcher Agnese Dāvidsone (

More information on the project and project activities is available here!