Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support for Accelerated Math Acquisition Approach (AI4Math)



Description of the project:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) support for accelerated math acquisition approach (AI4Math) is an interdisciplinary, industrial research project with no connections to economic activity. The project promotes the development of human resources by using collaboration between specialists in mathematics, pedagogy and ICT sectors. It is done by increasing the diversity, involvement and compliance of mathematical education for the future needs of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sectors.

The research scientific purpose is to develop a mathematics support strategy for general education schools by using AI, Big Data, and stimulating learning approaches. This contributes to the 5th area (ICT) and 5th growth priority of the Smart Specialization Strategy (SSS) for promoting development of a modern and future labor market-oriented education system. This promotes economic transformation.

Also, businesses will continue to develop digitally to shape the next generation of entrepreneurship and seek ways for future growth. It is clear, that every future technology title (Blockchain, Big Data, Virtual Reality, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency, Robotic, Quantum computing etc) is based on mathematical skills. The 2018 Accenture study “How to accelerate skills acquisition in the age of intelligent technologies?” indicates that if the development of skills does not go hand in hand with technological progress the G20 economy could lose up to $11.5 trillion over the next ten years, i.e. 1.1% of GDP growth. Accenture points out that it is time to use the latest learning methods and approaches, as well as help policy makers and heads of educational institutions, implement innovative strategies that will change the way we teach and learn. This verifies the need for the proposed research to significantly improve the quality of learning in mathematics. This will significantly improve students' learning and creativity skills as well as increase the number of pupils who choose to study in the STEM sector in the future.

Planned project results:

1. A comparative study on changes in the behavior of users in the digital age

2. An interdisciplinary, AI-based technology prototype for learning mathematics with Big Data approach for growth assessment and adapt the functionality to suit the curriculum of general education in mathematics

3. An innovative support strategy by testing and implementing new technologies and approaches in teaching mathematics

Project implementation period: 01.04.2020. – 31.03.2023.

Project number:

Project manager: dr.math, HESPI researcher Aija Cunska

Scientific advisor to the project: dr.phys. Atis Kapenieks

Project activities:

  1. Targeted project management
  2. A comparative assessment of digital age users' behavioral changes
  3. Interdisciplinary AI-based technology prototype
  4. Incentive approach strategy for learning mathematics




SIA „Riga Coding School”
Republikas laukums 3-16
Rīga, LV-1010



SIA "TechGym"
Ventspils Augsto Tehnoloģiju parks 1
Ventspils, LV-3602



Gateway School of English GSE
No.1, Bosfru Street, San Gwann (St Julian’s)