Sempre - Social empowerment in rural areas

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Project aim
Project aim is to equip social service providers in rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region with better tools for service innovation. These tools will be based on the idea of empowerment and end-user involvement.

ViA role in the project
ViA role is to focuss on disadvantage youth that are restricted in their resources such as (living distance, financial condition, poor family condition, adversely living conditions and other restrictions), mainly highlighting the involvement of pre-incubation of social entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.

Project duration

Lead partner
Diaconie of Schleswig-Holstein (Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein)

- Evangelical Lutheran church in northern Germany, Germany
- Academy of economics Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
- Novia University of applied sciences, Finland
- Kokkola university consortuim chdenius, Finland
- Diaconal Centre Liepaja, Latvia
- University of Latvia, Latvia
- Lutheran Diaconia, Latvia
- Estonian evangelical Lutheran churc, Estonia
- Foundation for social action, Estonia
- The foundation for lifelong learning PERITIA, Poland
- Coompanion Norrbotten, Sweden
- Sunderby Folk high school, Sweden
- University colledge South Denmark, Denmark
- Nordregio, Sweden 

Funding source
The project is implemented by Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programe. Total funding of project partner – Vidzeme University of applied sciences is 308 000 EUR, ERDF co-funding is 261 800 EUR. The total funding of project is 4 860 664, 11 EUR.

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