Visualisation of real-time bog hydrological regime and simulation data in virtual reality

The aim of the project is to develop technology for automated visualization of 3D spaces and real-time representation of simulation model data, which will serve as an instrument in the hands of decision-makers in deciding on the sustainable management of ecosystems, and environmental sciences in the learning process by supplementing educational content. Since 1992 high bogs have been included in the list of natural habitats of EU Community importance, the conservation of which requires the special conservation status of natural area has to be established, thus the hydrological system of bogs has been chosen as the technological approbation environment.

Project activities include:

  1. Collecting and processing real-time sensor data. Intermediate notation of data and data preparation for 3D visualization;
  2. Collection and processing of imitation model data. Intermediate notation of data and data preparation for 3D visualization;
  3. Determination of objects characteristic of bog ecosystem using drone and 3D modelling, texturing, reinforcement, illumination, shading;
  4. Solution for automated creation of VR scenes and visualization in VR mode;
  5. Providing user experience, convenient parametrization, timeline and geographical location management.

This technology will serve as a tool for understandable representation of data to the general public, providing the content as close as possible to the real environment. 

Project manager: Arnis Cīrulis

Project team: Oskars Java, Lauris Taube, Zintis Erics, Andris Lapāns, Edmunds Jansons

Project budget: 100 389,00 EUR

Project period: 12.2020.−12.2021.

Funding source: Latvian Council of Science