The project "Values in Action: promotion of responsible, secure and educated civil society in Latvia through research and model development" (project Nr.  VPP-IZM-2018/1-0013) is implemented within National Research Program " Latvian heritage and future challenges for the country's sustainability".

The overall aim of the project implemented by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) as the Lead Partner, and Riga Stradins University (RSU) as the Project partner, is to strengthen civil society in the development of new policy approaches and to model directions fostering social and territorial cohesion based on European democratic values.

Project period: December 3, 2018 - November 30, 2021.

Total budget: 599 839,00 EUR

More information on the project: HESPI senior researcher Gatis Krūmiņš (gatis.krumins@va.lv)





The goal of the project is to increase the international mobility of students and staff as well as international cooperation within programme countries.




The goal of the project is to increase international cooperation with partner countries.







The project BOOSTED aims at providing an aligned and relevant skillset for the CB region tourism industry to grow as a coherent tourism destination. In practice, the project aligns higher vocational tourism education with the needs of tourism industry and labour market in Finland, Estonia and Latvia into a new, joint curriculum and a study programme (32 ects).




The aim of the project: To provide support to the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education in achieving its requirements, including strengthening the quality and capacity of the agency’s work.

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Project aim is to equip social service providers in rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region with better tools for service innovation. These tools will be based on the idea of empowerment and end-user involvement.



The aim of the project: to improve the information quality and the availability of content on third-country nationals provided by the mass media, thus preparing and engaging the media in a constructive dialogue and the development of mutual understanding between third-country nationals and the local community.



The project “Cultural Routes as Investment for Growth & jobs” is implemented with the support of ERDF.



The project “Youth to youth about environment” is implemented with the support of The Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. The aim of the project:to implement activities in an educational and creative way that would strengthen the connection of Latvia's youth (both general education pupils and students of vocational schools and universities) with nature, linking the understanding of natural values in specially protected nature territories in Latvia with the protection of the diversity of nature and a modern vision of solutions to environmental problems.


The goal of the project is to increase international cooperation with partner countries

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Green movement and the demand for natural, healthy and ecological products and services offer opportunities for green micro entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs need sector-specific business skills to develop local natural resources into sustainable green business. This project supports the growth of green micro business by proving a joint training programme.  During the training, the entrepreneurs will work with their own practical business development cases. The core aim is the development of natural resources into sustainable green business.