Academic debt

While studying, you may experience an academic debt. There are different reasons for it: an unsuccessful final assessment in a study course, the lecturer has not allowed taking the exam because all the requirements of the course have not been fulfilled, you have not attended the course, etc.

In order to understand what you need to do in the case of an academic debt, first find out what the entry is on the course evaluation report. You can see it in system.

Possible indication on an academic debt:

Not passed
NA - not allowed
N – did not come
A - did not attend the course.

NB! Taking the exams after the set deadline is a paid service.

If the course requirements are not fulfilled due to an illness, a student may be exempted from the payment. It is the decision of the Faculty, based on the student's medical certificate. In this case, the student must submit a sick note to the lecturer or the Director of the study field. The lecturer or the Director of the study field evaluates the situation and decides whether to release the student from paying for the academic debt. After the evaluation, the student should obtain an individual study course evaluation report.