The study programme has been developed in collaboration with leading Latvian VR/AR businesses that offer and deliver their solutions throughout the world. Guest lectures from industry professionals will be an integral part of the study process. Business representatives will share their experience and work with students on current industry challenges, giving learners the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience.

The latest VR/AR technologies and software will be available throughout the course. The university’s Virtual reality and augmented reality laboratory boasts 20 sets of equipment that consist of high performance computers and VR/AR tools from such manufacturers as Meta, Daqri, ODG, Microsoft, MagicLeap, Neuron, Samsung, Vive, Oculus, MSI, Google, Vuzix, etc.

Programme utilises innovative study methods and has been developed by merging experience and insight from similar programmes around the globe, which prepare high level specialists for working in such industries as medicine and healthcare, logistics, architecture, urban planning, tourism, history, marketing, art, entertainment, etc.

Education that responds to industry demand

The level of turbulence in the information space is growing rapidly. Security has become a broad and complex concept and being competent in matters related to media literacy, strategic communication, technologies and cyber security is important to us as individuals as well as representatives of states and organisations. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences' study offer addresses this demand, offering education that prepares specialists with skills in:

✔️Media & Information Literacy

✔️Strategic Communication & Governance

✔️Virtual Reality & Smart Technologies

✔️Cybersecurity Engineering