Content of the study programme
Basic courses of the specialty

Principles of Building Design, Building Structures, Building Products and Ecological Building Materials, Building Mechanics and Material Resistance, Building Physics and Building Acoustics, Engineering Geology, Geodesy, BIM, Construction Technologies, Construction mechanisms and Equipment, Engineering Networks, Organization and Management of Construction Projects, BIS, Construction Economics and Estimating, Construction Technical Survey, Professional English, Occupational Safety and First Aid, Basics and Standards of Industry Law, Exploitation of Buildings.

Specialized courses

Construction of Wooden and Eco-Buildings, Introduction to Fire Protection of Buildings, Occupational Safety and Electrical Safety in Construction, Construction Chemistry, Safe Management of Chemicals, Quality Management Systems and Compliance Assessment in Construction.


Sustainable Development, Construction Products and Ecological Building Materials, Principles of Building Design, European Green Course, Green Public Procurement, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Construction.

Digitization and management

BIM (Building Information Modelling), BIS (Building Information Systems), People Management (Teams), Project Management, Basics of Business, Quality Management Systems and Compliance Assessment in Construction.


The aim of the internship is to strengthen the obtained theoretical knowledge and acquire certain skills and abilities. Students can choose internship places from a range of cooperation companies in Latvia and Europe. Erasmus+ internship grants are also available.
In the first-level professional study programme "Wooden Houses and Eco-Building", internships take place outside the university in construction companies and institutions under the guidance of experienced professionals in the field of construction. The total length of intership is 16 weeks.


As part of their studies, starting from the 2nd year students start working on the development of a qualification paper, which is based on group 3 building project in Latvia or in the world. The study programme in cooperation with industry companies, partners and teaching staff offers topical and state-of-the-art topics for qualification papers.