Simulation Games (SiMGames) handbook and handouts


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Goal of the project "Simulation Games in Strategic Communication": Integration of simulation games in strategic communication studies for the development of future competences. The aim is to create and test pedagogical innovations in strategic communication teaching in three Baltic universities through academic staff training, development of teaching aids, and development of a prototype of an interactive collaborative digital learning and teaching platform.

The following results were developed during the project: a guide and methodological support material on the development and implementation of social simulations, social simulation scenarios and description of technological tools etc.


SOCIAL SIMULATIONS IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES: Creating a Simulation Scenario of an Environmental Problem


Videos about simulation games

Preparation to the simulation

Simulation organization online

Debriefing session



Facilitator's Guidlines

General information

General Information - News Article
General Information - Scientific report

Description of Organizations

Description of Organizations (not confidential)
Skeletons (confidential)
Beekeepers Association (confidential)
Big Farmers Association (confidential)
Ministry of Agriculture (confidential)
Ministry of Environmental Protection (confidential)
Organic Farmers (confidential)
Traders of Pesticides (confidential)
Journalists (confidential)


Strategic planning guide
Strategic planning guide (journalists)
Communication plan and messages
Tactics for negotiations

Assessment and Evaluation 

Self-assessment of competence (before)
Self-assessment of competence (after)
Observation form
Evaluation form


Basic scenario 

Class instructions - Basic scenario
Timeline - Basic scenario

Short scenario

Class instructions - Short and Online scenarios
Timeline - Short scenario

Online scenario

Class instructions - Short and Online scenarios
Timeline - Online scenario

Advanced scenario 

Class instructions - Advanced scenario
Timeline - Advanced scenario


More about project here

The European Union Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2 (KA2) strategic partnership for higher education project “Simulation Games in Strategic Communication” (2018-1-LV01-KA203-046981) is being implemented from December 1, 2018, to August 31, 2021.