Student Union


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Student Union is a platform that respects and fully represents the interests and rights of students of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in academic, material and cultural matters not only at the university, but also in other state institutions. The Union seeks to create a favourable environment for the growth and well-being of students.


The interests, views and rights of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences students are respected and fully represented. The university has a favourable environment for the growth and well-being of students.


The aim of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Student Union is to improve the reputation of the Union, including the trust of students of the university.

Our activities may be divided into 3 large sections:

1. Students = parties, and a good rest!

One of the areas of our activity is the organization of sports and cultural activities. We provide students with daily sporting activities and organize different balls and parties.

ViA Student Union traditional events - Sport Day, Fights of Grands, ViA Birthday Party, Autumn Ball, Charity Concert, Christmas Ball and legendary Sugar Ball.

2. Everyone experiences various misunderstandings and mistakes ...

We are interested in solving any uncertainties and problems, therefore, don’t hesitate to turn to us both in academic, practical and other matters - we will help you!

- Please let us know if you have problems in the student hostel;

- Give us a message if something is not clear about exmatriculation, scholarships and other topical student issues!

3. The Student Union represents students' views at various decision-making bodies of ViA

In the Senate, the Constitutional Assembly, the Scholarship Award Commission, the Academic Ethics Commission, in order to let everybody in ViA know what students are thinking about many and different things because we are given the opportunity to plan, organize and improve our student life.

If you feel like the life of a student is becoming too boring and you have ideas on how to make it more colourful - COME, and we will change it TOGETHER!!!

Our contact information:

[email protected]

President of the Student Union
Gints Kaņepītis
[email protected]
Phone: 28812366

Manager of strategic communication activities
Ieva Jomerte
[email protected]
Phone: 28759208

Manager of visual communication activities
Jana Vainovska
[email protected]
Phone: 28862222

Manager of socially academic activities
Annija Uškaure
[email protected]
Phone: 25424437

Manager of culture activities
Lūcija Mende
[email protected]
Phone: 22498817

Manager of sports activities
Dāvis Strauts
[email protected]
Phone: 26667844

Manager of environmental activities:
Elizabete Brante
[email protected]
Phone: 25640383

Manager of international activities
Linda Čevere
[email protected]
Phone: 20231515

Social Media

Facebook: @ViAStudentuapvieniba
Instagram: @viasa_studenti


Vidzemes Augstskola, Cēsu iela 4, Tērbatas iela 10, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvija

Reģ. Nr. LV90001342592