The project "Values in Action: promotion of responsible, secure and educated civil society in Latvia through research and model development" (project Nr.  VPP-IZM-2018/1-0013) is implemented within National Research Program " Latvian heritage and future challenges for the country's sustainability".

The overall aim of the project implemented by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) as the Lead Partner, and Riga Stradins University (RSU) as the Project partner, is to strengthen civil society in the development of new policy approaches and to model directions fostering social and territorial cohesion based on European democratic values.



European microcities such as Ventspils and Valmiera play an important role in European economy. They become regional economic hubs, offering comprehensive services, opportunities and a dynamic environment for development. Ventspils and Valmiera are similar in profile. They are the next generation of microcities that use global and digital potential and introduce a series of innovation. Ventspils and Valmiera have formed a strong partnership to address several common challenges.



Goal of the project: Integration of simulation games in strategic communication studies for the development of future competences. The aim is to create and test pedagogical innovations in strategic communication teaching in three Baltic universities through academic staff training, development of teaching aids, and development of a prototype of an interactive collaborative digital learning and teaching platform.



The aim of the project “Support for effective participation of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences within the international scientific circles (ViA-lnt)” is to promote the involvement of the research staff at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences with international research schemes, thus strengthening their capacity in developing international projects, boosting researchers’ networking opportunities and foreign connections as well as developing research opportunities within the research sub-directions of ViA. As a result, ViA will take part in preparing applications for at least 7 ERDF supported projects as well as programmes marked above the quality threshold within the “Horizon 2020” and EU’s 9th framework programme.



Project "Maximised Mobility and Accessibility of Services in Regions Affected by Demographic Change" (MAMBA) aim is to give both dimensions, people-to-service and service-to-people mobility, a new perspective through improved integration of mobility structures. Based on specific mobility needs in these regions, the MCs will integrate easing mobility options by introducing enhanced management capacities in transport administration, providing digital and non-digital information systems for residents, creating platforms for public and private enterprises to pool transport services and facilitating cooperation between public transport actors and service providers.



Goal of the project is to increase international cooperation with partner countries



Goal of the project is to increase international mobility of students and staff as well as international cooperation within programme countries

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Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences intends to implement the operational programme "Growth and Employment" from September 2017 until March 2020 8.1.1. Specific Aid Objective "To increase the modernised STEM, including the number of medical and creative industries, number of study programmes" project "Modernisation of the STEM study environment of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences". The aim of the project is to modernise the STEM study programmes of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the trends of external and internal factors in the world and in Latvia.



Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences implements an activity programme "Growth and Employment" from September 2017 to March 2020. 1.1.1. Specific Aid Objective: "To increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian scientific institutions and the ability to attract external financing by investing in human resources and infrastructure" Event "Development of P&A infrastructure in the field of smart specialisation and institutional strengthening of scientific institutions" project "Development of the scientific infrastructure of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences for research and innovation capacity building". The aim of the project is to develop the scientific infrastructure of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in order to strengthen the research and innovation capacity at an international level by promoting the development and productivity of the sectors of the smart specialisation nationally and in the Vidzeme region, as well as the implementation of international research projects and services.



The objective of the Project is to raise the awareness of the larger public, especially young people, about science as well as to familiarize them with the scientist’s profession; to show the impact of sciences such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities on everyday human life; to bring researchers closer to the Latvian society and to raise the interest of young people about research. Aim of the activities is to enhance public recognition of researchers’ profession and their role in Latvian society. A number of attractive, amazing and interactive events will be organized in Riga and in a number of towns covering the whole territory of Latvia.