Administrative Vice-rector

Oversees the management of the university, coordinates the university's administrative, financial and economic activities and resource planning.

Academic debt

It occurs if the student does not fulfil the academic requirements of the study programme in accordance with the plan. For justified reasons, the student may ask the director of the study field for an extension in order to fulfil the academic requirements, or to obtain a permission to retake a study course(s) or repeat the full programme.

Academic leave

A study break for a while. The minimum period of an academic leave is one academic year, the maximum - two academic years. More info here.

Annual project

A summary of the results of a study or a project carried out independently by a student with a theoretical basis and a practical application. The procedure for its development and defence is determined by the regulations developed by each academic unit.

Bachelor's Thesis

A state examination. A bachelor’s paper is a summary of the results of a study carried out independently by a student with a theoretical basis and a practical application. It integrates the theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies through study courses and practical skills for application of the theoretical knowledge in research according to the chosen field of study. The development of a bachelor’s paper is determined by special regulations, and the defence is carried out in accordance with the Study Regulations and the methodological requirements and / or regulations of the corresponding study programme.

Confirmation of the student status

A document confirming the student status. The confirmation certificates are available in both Latvian and English.

Credit point

A study unit that corresponds to the amount of 40 academic hours of student’s work (one study week) and includes lessons in a classroom and independent student work.

Course description

Course description is distributed to students at the beginning of the course by the course lecturer and published in the e-learning environment It lists the requirements for completing the study course, the planned study results and the criteria for the evaluation of the study results. It also includes the course schedule, compulsory and supplementary literature, and describes other obligations of the course.


Administers and represents a faculty. Supervises the academic and administrative staff of the Faculty, oversees the study fields and coordinates the development and implementation of study programmes.


Deletion from the student register or expelling from the university. For cases when the exmatriculation may take place, see here. After the student is exmatriculated, a checklist must be submitted to the Study Administration Group and secondary education documents must be taken out. If the exmatriculation takes place on student’s request, a completed exmatriculation application form must be submitted to the Student Administration Group and secondary education documents must be taken out.

Finance Group

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which plans the financial development and budget of the university, arranges student loan issues, administers all types of payments related to studies in ViA, student hostels, etc.

Graduation check list

Received and completed before graduating the university or after an exmatriculation.

Housekeeping Group

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which is responsible for reserving places at ViA student hostels, planning the auditoriums. Supervises and manages the premises of the university.


Registering the student in the student register.

Individual study course evaluation report

It should be received from the Study Coordinator in the Faculty in order to be able to fulfil the requirements of a study course after the due date or in case of an inadequate assessment. The individual study course evaluation report is a paid service. The report can be received for free if the course requirements are not met due to illness, and according to the medical certificate for the relevant period a permission has been obtained from the director of the study field and the lecturer.

IT and Infrastructure Group

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which maintains ViA computer network and servers, installs software, takes care of the technical condition of ViA hardware, maintains e-mail and e-learning environment, etc. If there are any questions, uncertainties or problems with computers, please contact [email protected].

International Office

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which coordinates international study projects and is responsible for foreign exchange students and staff mobility at the University. Coordinates ViA student exchange studies and internships abroad, informs students about various available scholarships for studies abroad.


A significant part of the study programme, which gives the opportunity to acquire practical skills in the chosen field. During the internship, you will gain experience, which will later be useful in the labour market. Internship and internship defence are equal to a test or a differentiated test (with a grade).

Lecture attendance

It depends on the requirements of a course lecturer. If the lecturer has not defined specific requirements, the student may choose whether or not to attend lectures, but that in no case exempts the student from the obligation to complete all academic requirements of the respective study course. Attending seminars and practical classes is compulsory. The lecturer has the right to prohibit taking a course exam or a test, as well as other requirements set during the course if the student has not participated in seminars and practical classes.

Master’s Thesis

A state examination. A master's paper is a summary of the results of a study conducted independently by the student and an analysis of the data obtained, which contains recommendations for the practical application of the results gathered according to the field or sub-field of science or professional field in accordance with the master's degree to be acquired. The procedure for the development and defence of a master’s paper is determined by the regulations on the state examination and the methodological requirements and / or regulations of the corresponding study programme.

Marketing and Public Relations

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which takes care of the external and internal communication at the University, media relations, the image and reputation of ViA. It organizes various events for secondary school students, university students and alumni.

Registering for the elective (Part C) courses

Organized by the Faculty for both full and part time students in accordance with the study programme.

Registration for studies

The registration for studies takes place before each study semester. The registration applies to every ViA student. Upon the registration, the student confirms that he or she will continue the studies at ViA. The registration is allowed for students who do not have financial and/ or library debts.


Head of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

Return to studies after an academic leave

Return to studies after an academic leave is possible only at the beginning of the semester, from which the studies have been discontinued. 


Each successful state-supported study placement student can apply for a scholarship. The scholarship is € 99.60 per month. The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis. 

Student number

It is allocated to each student after immatriculation at the university. It consists of the abbreviation of the title of the study programme, the year of enrolment, and the enrolment number of each student.

Student individual work

It can be course and annual projects, tests, reports, literary studies, etc.

Study Administration Group

The staff unit of the Administrative Department which is responsible for the study information system, administration of the study process, study contracts, organizes the registration for the next study semester. Maintains students' personal files, prepares certificates, transcripts of records, diplomas and their supplements, coordinates the rotation and scholarship award processes.

Study course evaluation report

A document confirming the assessment in the course. The original of the report is kept by the Study Administration Group.

Study course evaluation

The assessment of student's knowledge, skills and abilities in the study course as a whole.  A 10-point system is used, summarizing the marks obtained in the course. In some study courses the assessment may be expressed by an evaluation "passed/ not passed". Only after receiving a successful evaluation (no less than "4" / "passed") credit points are obtained for the study course.

Study course

The review of a system of knowledge, skills and competences corresponding to the study programme organized at a certain level and amount, with defined study results for which credit points are awarded.

Study field director

Maintains, improves and develops the content and implementation of the study field, promotes scientific activity, distributes state-financed study placements within the study field, organizes students' internships, takes decisions on the enrolment of students in the subsequent study years, the recognition of the results of study abroad, credit transfer, individual study plans.

Transcript of records

A document that contains the information on the studies - the finished courses, acquired credits and the evaluation. The transcripts are prepared in Latvian or English within three working days after submitting an electronic request. The transcript can be received at the administrator desk at Cēsu Street 4.

Theoretical course

All academic commitments planned in the study programme (study courses, internships, annual projects, etc.). The theoretical course is a prerequisite for the student to obtain a permission to take a state examination.

Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Work

Responsible for the academic and scientific work in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

An Internet address where you can access ViA Study Information System and view data about your studies. You have received your username and password when signing a study agreement. A lost password can be reset by contacting the IT Service Centre by e-mail [email protected].