Become an expert in strategic management of competitive tourism business!

The industry-driven master programme strengthens the competences needed in strategic management of competitive tourism business. It provides future-oriented know-how and tools necessary to develop tourism sectors, destinations, and enterprises and to cope with the structural and transformational changes facing the tourism industry.

The studies incorporate advanced theories related to profitable and productive businesses and competitive destinations. The students acquire advanced professional competencies to manage tourism business and destinations in practice, and gain strong local and international perspectives, especially focusing on the best practices of the Nordic-Baltic tourism business environment. Students learn to build the resilience of tourism organizations and destinations under the changing circumstances and different types of crises, as well as strengthen a wide spectrum of digital competencies starting from effective business data analysis and forecasts to product development and marketing. The emphasis is also on personal development and leadership abilities significant for building careers in tourism.samk

The double degree programme is implemented in cooperation with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Finland. The students study simultaneously in two universities and get two separate diplomas, one from each university. The pre-condition to receiving a master degree in SAMK – at least two years of work experience in tourism or related fields, business or service industries that is acquired after bachelor study programme graduation.


The degree programme offers a possibility to study in a truly international environment. The studies are carried out online, as a blended learning approach, which enables studying also alongside working, and even from overseas. The programme also includes intensive weeks once in a semester in Finland or Latvia and field school in the Nordic Baltic region. Travelling to the intensive weeks abroad and field school is not compulsory, but highly recommendable. Travel-related costs are covered by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. The language of instruction is English.

"Tourism industry is working in a brand new reality now - in an uncertain, rapidly changing environment and facing very fierce competition. Under these conditions the managers of the destinations an organizations must change the mindset and to build resilient, flexible and competitive organizations which are able to adapt to changes and manage risks dealing with uncertainties."
Linda Veliverronena
programme director

Programme: Master in Tourism Competitiveness Management

Language: English

Duration: full time 1,5 or 2 years (depending on previous education)

ECTS: 90 or 120

Degree: Master of social sciences in business management (ViA)

Degree: Master degree in hospitality management (SAMK)


Degree: Master's Degree of Social Sciences in Tourism and Leisure Organization (ViA)



Degree: Master degree in hospitality management (SAMK)


Until April 10, 2023


1,5 years or 3 semesters (with previously acquired professional qualification);

2 years or 4 semesters (with no professional qualification).



TUITION FEES 2021./2022. ACAD.Y.

the information will be updated


the information will be updated


To apply for the Master’s Degree Programme, the applicant needs an applicable Bachelor's degree in social sciences and humanities, commercial sciences and administration, or tourism and leisure organization, cultural management or equivalent education

Knowledge of English at least B2 level

At least two years of work experience within the specific field of study after graduation (if the applicant is applying for a double degree)

The assessment of the entrance examination consists of: written test - 60%; motivation for studies - 30%; knowledge of English - 10%

Notice: (when applying for studies, applicants must submit a motivational video in English (<250 MB))


Applicants outside the EU* can submit documents: Information on application deadlines will be specified

Applicants from Latvia and other EU** countries can submit documentsInformation on application deadlines will be specified

* Applicants from Belarus can apply for scholarships that fully covers study fee for the academic year
** Scholarships available that fully covers study fee for the academic year

Online entrance examination

Applicants outside EU: (information will be specified)

Latvia and other EU countries: 06.01.2022. – 07.01.2022.

Intensive week

The first intensive week takes place in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Pori, Finland) from 14.02.2022. till 18.02.2022.


  • The programme has been developed in collaboration with tourism professionals and experts from Finland and Latvia and is based on the analysis of tourism labour market needs.
  • Studying is strongly connected with working life and the programme is widely based on utilising business case study method which helps to integrate theoretical knowledge with the development of practical skills
  • The best practices and know-how applied in the Nordic-Baltic tourism business environment is integrated with the study programme and reflected by tourism professionals in different countries.

Tourism is a highly vulnerable industry and the recent pandemic crisis has left profound and long-term structural and transformational changes to tourism. However, the tourism industry should convert the crisis to innovation. Recovery and adapting to a new business landscape will require rebuilding tourism competitiveness. The managers in tourism and industry-related organizations need competencies in strategic leadership, crisis and risk management, marketing and selling their products to be able to re-increase their size, market share and profit. Tourism destinations should be capable of managing and organising their resources in an efficient way to re-gain their market position. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences' study offer addresses this demand, offering education that prepares specialists with skills in:

  • Tourism strategic management & marketing
  • Tourism competitiveness & risk management
  • Business data management & digitalization
  • Tourism product design & sales

The double degree study programme provides future-oriented expertise necessary to manage sustainable and competitive tourism development, to strengthen resilience under the changing circumstances and different types of crises, as well as to strengthen digital competences to succeed in the contemporary world starting from effective business data analysis and forecasts to product development.

The study programme is implemented by:
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Valmiera, Latvia
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Pori, Finland