Baltic International Summer School 2018
Media Literacy and Democracy: Baltic Perspective

June 19 – 30, 2018

Our values, attitudes, and behavior are constantly tested by disinformation, fake news, attempts of
spinning and twisting the reality and defining normality. They are often difficult to grasp and their
relationship to various political, economic, or personal agendas initially may seem unclear. The aim of
this intensive program is to make students more perceptive media users and content producers, able
to take an analytical and critical approach towards their media use.

During this course, students will improve their civic online reasoning skills and become better equipped to critically analyze media messages, understand how propaganda and disinformation are built and spread among various media audiences, and create their own stories about how to strengthen people`s resistance towards disinformation campaigns and hostile information operations. The course also focuses on issues of cultural diversity and media representation of marginalized groups.

The course credits: 3 ECTS (4 US credits or 6 ECTS for US students).

The requirements: attendance of all lectures and seminars, and participation in the group project (four
individual and collaborative blog postings, production and presentation of a short video).

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