Aid for accomplishing the requirement defined by EQAR agency


The aim of the project: To provide support to the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education in achieving its requirements, including strengthening the quality and capacity of the agency’s work.

ESF project "Aid for accomplishing the requirement defined by EQAR agency"

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences has signed a cooperation agreement with the Academic Information Centre on the implementation of the ESF project "Aid for accomplishing the requirement defined by EQAR agency".

After the implementation of the project, the Latvian Higher Education quality assurance system will function according to the requirements of ESG (European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance), the agency will be a participant of the EQAR, which will increase the reliability of Latvian Higher Education and acquired diplomas.

A qualitative Higher Education assessment system will ensure, in the long term, a competitive education in the European Higher Education Area and the preparation of knowledgeable, highly qualified specialists for the labour market.

Main activities of the project:

  • Development of the accreditation strategy of the agency and improvement of the quality management system
  • Implementation of pilot accreditation in 12 Higher Education institutions
  • External expertise of the accreditation agency
  • E-platform development for the accreditation process and higher education quality monitoring
  • Training and seminars on external and internal quality questions
  • Participation in European associations and other international organizations in the field of higher education quality assurance

Project partners:

  1. The Council of Higher Education
  2. Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
  3. BA School of Business and Finances
  4. The Baltic International Academy
  5. Daugavpils University
  6. Liepaja University
  7. University of Latvia
  8. Mechanics and Technology College of Olaine
  9. Riga Aeronautical Institute
  10. Riga Building College
  11. Riga Stradins University
  12. Riga Technical University
  13. Ventspils University College
  14. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Project implementation period: 08.03.2016 - 07.09.2019.

Contact person at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences - Study Information System and Study Quality Assurance Manager, Daina Leja, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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