aNATOmy: knowledge through experience


The project “aNATOmy: knowledge through experience” aims to help foster awareness and understanding of NATO, its values, policies, and activities, and to increase the level of debate on peace, security, and defense related issues.  

The project aims to emphasize NATO’s values and role in ensuring security of our country. The main target groups that we aim to reach with this project are four: (1) young people (age group 18 to 34), especially woman, (2) women (age group 35+), (3) families (households), and (4) broader, non-specialized publics, including the Russian speaking minority in Latvia. During the project, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) as the Lead partner with project partners – the television channel in Latvia “ReTV” (ReTV) and "ZF projekti" Ltd - the biggest online quiz show provider in Latvia - will produce the following:

• A factual-documentary film (46 - 48 minutes long) about the daily life of NATO Allied Forces soldiers from the point of view of two young people (two students - one woman, one man);

• Online quiz about NATO and live discussion on quiz’s break sessions;

• Promotional content for the documentary film in TV (channel ReTV) and in the social media profiles of ViA and ReTV.

The project will run for five months, from August 1 until December 30, 2021. The total budget of the project requested from NATO is 9966 EUR.


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