ARTSS - Advanced Resilience Technologies for Secure Service


Annotation: The goal of the project is to elaborate a method extension and technological solutions for dynamic adaption and securing of services to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and similar crisis situations by combining big data analysis, digital twins, knowledge management, and e-learning solutions.

Built-in resilience and citizen protection are a must for delivering essential services in a crisis situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The ability to continuously monitor and to adapt the delivery of these services contributes to their resilience. To this end, the ARTSS project aims to develop a method that is based on the following pillars:

● Business ecosystem modelling to map the diverse actors and their contributions involved in the service delivery;

● Capability management to design and run context dependent adjustment and management of services;

● Digital twins to ensure that the adjustments (decisions and actions) are propagated to the service delivery including advanced visualization of the service ecosystem;

● Large volumes of contextual data (live as well as historical) processing and management;

● Accumulation of reusable crisis response knowledge (best practices) in a form of pattern;

● Secure and resilient service adoption approach supported by digital learning material to facilitate broad-scale adoption of the ARTSS results.

The resilient services will be explored in the following four use cases of high practical value: 1) Secure foundational services; 2) Secure telemedicine service; 3) Secure remote workplace service; 4) Secure business services.

More information:

Project period: 01.07.2020. - 31.12.2020.

Funding/ programme: National Reserach Programme for Mitigating Consequences of COVID-19

ViA role: Project partner

Project partners: Riga Technical University (project leading institution), University of Latvia, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, University of Liepaja

Project funding:  497 500 EUR

Project manager (e-pasts): Ginta Majore (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

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