Coastal Fishing Vessels Powered by Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell H2-SEAS

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The Aim and description: 

Currently in the European Union, there are no operating fishing vessels of less than 12 metres in length using hydrogen fuel cell energy for their propulsion with electric engines and for their auxiliary power systems for navigation and fishing activities. The H2-SEAS consortium proposes an accessible, innovative, and complete hydrogen-electric solution to accelerate the sustainable transition towards Zero Emission for fishing vessels under 12m in length in the North Sea and Baltic Sea basins. The proposal features an energy efficient vessel profile, equipped with advanced and fully integrated innovations, including a clean energy system.

The focus of the project is the reduction of the small-scale fishing vessel footprint on the maritime environment. The use of H2 as a fuel will dramatically limited noise pollution (only propeller sound will radiate from the vessel), absence of diesel engine exhaust and oil pollution will make no impact on greenhouse gases, airborne particles, acidifying compounds, and others, and will make one significant step for improving sea ecosystem quality, human wellbeing, and climate stability. Energy efficiency during project design phase will be implemented by optimising vessel’s hull form, selection of efficient equipment and adaptation of soft programs for economical use of the vessel Energy system. After design and construction, during vessel tests, we will collect data for comprising and analysis with similar class diesel fisherman vessel, and not only in energy consumption but in full spectrum of the environmental footprint.

Project period: 01.05.2024 - 31.10.2026 

Project number: 101157530

Project partners:

RigaTechnical University, Latvia (lead partner)

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia

Stockholmi Keskkonnainstituudi Tallinna Keskus, Estonia

Genevos SAS, France

SiA "A2Z Gannet", Latvia

Project total budget: 2 798 772.50

ViA budget: 255 000.00

Involved staff: Oskars Java, Ojārs Balcers, Jana Simonovska

Project scientific manager (e-mail): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Cēsu street 4, Tērbatas street 10, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvija

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