Dynamic 3D visualization of the Internet of Things (IoT) elements in outdoor augmented reality (AR) modes


Updated 15.09.2020.

Research activities will take place at the Faculty of Engineering at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, and specifically, in the virtual reality technologies laboratory.

The main objective of this research is to develop a solution for visualising IoT elements in indoor and outdoor environments where distances to the object exceed five meters. The primary results of this research should ensure a dynamic and animated three-dimensional (3D) computer model depiction in augmented reality mode without the use of fiducial or image-based markers. Such technological innovation will offer ample cases of augmented reality use in various industries and have economic ramifications.

The project relates to Latvia’s Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3). Specifically, the project aims to contribute to the number 4 priority and number 5 specialization "Modern Information and Communication Technologies", where as a result, an innovative augmented reality solution and methodology will be developed, including existing hardware sets and a new software prototype.

Post-doctorate research project

Project manager: ViA associated professor Arnis Cīrulis

Type of project: ERAF

Duration: 01.09.2017. - 31.08.2020.

Project number:

Accomplished activities of the project:

1. Activity No.1.1. Current world practice and use cases (31.12.2017.)

2. Activity No.1.2. Need for IoT elements visualization and justification for stakeholders (31.12.2017.)

3. Participation in an informative seminar for Overly Ltd. discussing augmented reality solutions and development perspectives as well as postdoctoral project goals and objectives and potential future approbation options (12.02.2018.)

4. Popular-scientific report for the period 01.09.2017.-28.02.2018.

5. Activity No.1.3. Evaluation of technological frameworks to provide logical and physical structure (31.03.2018.)

6. Activity No.1.4. Classification of content types and choice of levels of interactivity (31.03.2018.)

7. Participation in the International Conference Research in DIgital Age: Sustainable Development, Culture and Education with a report "Interactivity and immersion levels of augmented reality systems" (06.04.2018.)

8. Participation in the mid-term study of postdoctoral researcher and doctoral students of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (28.05.2018.)

9. Participation in professional development courses "The use of eye-eye tracking technologies in research" in collaboration with TOBII Pro and Knowledge and Technology Centre Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (04.05.2018.-05.06.2018.)

10. Activity No.2.1. Developing functional models for potential augmented reality solutions (02.07.2018.)

11. Participation in "VR Meetup" event in Riga with presentation of Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (10.07.2018.)

12. Participation in professional development courses "Installation of ultra-wideband (UWB) local positioning system in collaboration with Echosports (27.08.2018.)

13. Participation in lectures and practical classes at Augmented Reality Summer School 2018 (Italy) (02.09.2018.-08.09.2018.)

14. Presentation of postdoctoral results at Augmented Reality Summer School 2018 Young Scientists Session (04.09.2018.)

15. International Postdoctoral Research Mobility in Advanced and Virtual Reality Laboratory, University of Salento (Italy) (10.09.2018.-14.09.2018.)

16. Participation in the European Researchers' Night 2018, presenting and demonstrating the results of the project and augmented reality opportunities to the general public in a popular-science manner (28.09.2018.)

17. Activity No.2.3. Development of emulator and simulation model for multi-object dynamic environment (30.10.2018.)

18. Activity No.2.4. Access verification and validation. Border testing and scoring (30.10.2018.)

19. International postdoctoral research mobility at University of La Laguna laboratory atRAe (Apicación de Tecnologías de Realidad Aumentada en Educación y Comunicación) (Spain) (08.12.2018.-23.12.2018.)

20. Participation and presentation of results in PhD and postdoctoral seminars "PhD Program I3MA Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Environmental Engineering of the University of La Laguna". Presented presentation theme "Projects and experiences with VR / AR technologies" (19.12.2018.)

21. Participation, presentation of results and discussions at the scientific seminar of the Department of Technology and Engineering at the University of La Laguna. Presented theme "Trends to develop projects based on VR technologies" (21.12.2018.)

22. Description of the activity for the activity No.3.1 Design of the physical structure and the developed software framework within activity 3.2 (31.03.2019)

23. Publication "Ultra-wide-band tracking potential for augmented reality environments" prepared and submitted for The 6th International Conference on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (SALENTO AVR 2019) (31.03.2019)

24. IEEE VR 2019: the 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Conference in Osaka, Japan and VR/AR/MR World Expo (9th Content Expo Tokyo) conference/exhibition in Tokyo, Japan (24.03.2019-06.04.2019)

25. Membership of the International Scientific Conference “SOCIETY. TECHNOLOGY. SOLUTIONS 2019 with presentation “Involvement and parts to develop projects based on VR/AR/XR technologies” (25.04.2019-26.04.2019)

26. 10th Annual AWE WITH/VR Conference and Expo conferences and exhibitions in Santa Clara, visiting the USA (28.05.2019. -05.06 .2019)

27. Participation in the 6th International Conference on Protected Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (SALENTO AVR 2019) conference with presentation “Ultra wide-band tracking potential for augmented reality environments” (24.06.2019-28.06.2019)

28. Submitted abstract to the 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

29. Prepared description for activity 3.5. Implemented animated, dynamic 3D objects (31.12.2019)

30. Prepared description for activity 4.2. Development of object data base for prototype and compatibility of file formats.

31. Submitted and accepted publication "Large scale augmented reality for collaborate environments" for submission to HCI INTERNATIONAL 2020, 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Session Human Centred Experience for Universal Access, under session Human Centered Experience for Universal Access

32. Prepared description for activity 4.1. Provision of 3D object intellect for interactivity capability and information collection to respect interdisciplinary aspects (30.06.2020.)

33. Participation in HCI INTERNATIONAL 2020, 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, session Human Centered Experience for Universal Access with presentation "Large scale augmented reality for collaborative environments" (19.07.2020).
34. Prepared popular-science video about research results available at:
35. Prepared instructions for products: CareUnderFire, OpenAirMuseum and TronAcitvieEntertainment. Organized outdoor demonstrations and summarized VR/AR filed expert reviews.


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