Integrated Design of Techno-Social Systems: Next Generation of Tourism Monitoring in Latvia


Updated 15.07.2020.

The aim of the research project is a development of ICT-based, new, productive technological algorithms for measuring economic effects of tourism for two digital application prototypes as a single and new digital computing tool in research e-environment.

The project is an industrial study, which will result in generating algorithms and technological solutions to achieve a productive and efficient performance of a prototype, integrating traditional (including mobile) and large data sets. The main objectives of the research:

  • The feasibility study of the research field, during which a conceptual, scientifically substantiated strategic and tactical model of the research is developed;
  • The development of the prototype architectural model and the prototype itself;
  • A pilot test of the prototype with its first publication in the planned research e-environment, performing monitoring of the operation of technological algorithms, problem identification and the investigation of their development possibilities and adjustments;
  • A repeated test of the prototype in the planned research e-environment, evaluating its operation and performance according to various parameters;
  • The conclusion of the research with the description of the prototype algorithm and technological solutions, and performance results.

During the research several popular science, international scientific publications and presentations of the research results, as well as international mobility events are planned.

PostDoctoral Research Project

Project Manager: HESPI Researcher Dr.oec. Iluta Berzina (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The research project is implemented with the post-doctoral research support (ERDF)

Project duration: 01.09.2017. - 31.08.2020.

Project number:

Project partner: Ltd.SIA „Sapere Aude”

Accomplished activities of the project:

  1. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (06.10.2017.)
  2. Popular-scientific report for the period 01.09.2017. - 28.02.2018.
  3. Online participation in workshop "Open Research Data and Data Management"
    at University of Latvia (02.11.2017)
  4. Learning the basics of programming (PASCAL) - individual training at ViA Engineering faculty by Mg.paed., V.Vīksna. (Oktobris, 2017)
  5. Participation in the "Statistical program IBM "SPSS Modeler"" course at Rīga Technical University (RTU). (October, December, 2017)
  6. Participation in the training seminar "Other data hackathon" at Tele 2, Riga (organised by "Data school"). (11.11. 2017)
  7. Participation in the "European Big Data Value Forum" organised by Big Data Value Association (DBVA) at Versailles, France (21.-23.11.2018.)
  8. Attendance of the 20-year anniversary scientific conference of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve (ZBR) “Biosphere Reserve: Then. Now. From now on '. Venue at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in Valmiera. (30.11.2017.)
  9. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (14.12.2017.)
  10. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (18.01.2018.)
  11. Consultations have been launched with a dedicated ICT specialist to achieve the goal of the PostDoc project - the scientific-technical justification and practical development of the prototype. (February, 2018)
  12. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (15.02.2018.)
  13. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (15.03.2018.)
  14. Participation in the afternoon of HESPI research discussions at ViA (26.04.2018.)
  15. Participation in the 24th international scientific conference "Research for Rural Development 2018" at LLU, Jelgava; Presentation of a scientific publication. (16.-17.05.2018.)
  16. Participation in postdoctoral and doctoral student information seminar of ViA, reporting of the research process and the interim results. (28.05.2018.)
  17. Participation in 6th international conference “Mobile Tartu 2018” at Tartu, Estonia (27.-29.05.2018.)
  18. Release of the final results of Activity No.1 of the project (01.06.2018.)
  19. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (14.06.2018.)
  20. Popular-scientific report for the period 01.03.2018. – 31.08.2018.
  21. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (20.09.2018.)
  22. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (18.10.2018.)
  23. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar of ViA (21.11.2018.)
  24. Participation in postdoctoral information seminar/discussion of ViA (12.12. 2018)
  25. Published scientific article: Berzina, I., Lauberte, I. (2018) The Model of Automation and Extension of Tourism Economic Impact in Specific Regions. Research for Rural Development 201;8 Volume No 2, 2018, pp. 195-202; DOI: 10.22616/rrd.24.2018.072; ISSN 1691-4031 (print), ISSN 2255-923X (online)
  26. Participation in ViAA postdoctoral seminar with interim report (20.02.2019.)
  27. Participation in the International European Nordic Data Event Summit 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden (13.-15.03.2019)
  28. Participation in the conference "I. Identity. Data" (21.03.2019.)
  29. Popular Scientific Report for the period 01.09.2018. - 28.02.2019.
  30. An online hearing of ViA International Scientific Conference SOCIETY. TECHNOLOGY. SOLUTIONS (25.04.2019.)
  31. Participation in the monthly ViA doctoral and post-doctoral seminar on the progress of the study (15.05.2019.)
  32. Participation in the ViA Scientific Seminar on new research methods created by digital capabilities (15.05.2019.)
  33. Participation in the 25 th Statistical Scientific Conference“Research for Rural Development 2019” LLU, Jelgava;Presentation of the Scientific Publication (16.05.2018.). Presentation available here.
  34. ViA post-doctoral research progress report Study progress report from 21.02-17.06.2019 seminar presentation (to 18.06.2019.).
  35. Participation in the international conference “Big Data Value and Public Private Partnership Summit 2019” (BDV PPP Summit 2019) (26.6.2019.)
  36. Popular Scientific Report for the period 01.03. - 31.08.2019.
  37. Participation in European Researchers` Night (27.09.2019.)
  38. Participation in the Baltic-scale Workshop Drupal Camp Baltics, Riga (15.11.2019)
  39. Scientific paper: Berzina, I., Lauberte, I. (2019) Tactical Model for Constructing Prototype of Automatized Assessment of Tourism Economic Impact. Research for Rural Development 2019, 2, DOI: 10.22616/rrd.25.2019.074, ISSN 2255-923X (online). Full text available here.
  40. Report for the period between 18.06. and 18.12.2019. Presentation of the PostDoc seminar at ViA (18.12.2019).
  41. International mobility - research mission in Brussels (Belgium), home of the partner. Cooperation agreement completed (26.02.-01.03.2020.).
  42. Scientific paper ‘Testing an Operation of Prototype for Automated Assessment: Case of Visitor Profile of Gauja National Park’, 26th International Scientific Conference ‘Research for Rural Development 2020’ at LLU, Jelgava, Latvia.
  43. Participation at the ViA doctoral and postdoctoral seminar, report on the research progress (19.03.2020);
  44. 13.05.2020 - the presentation published, "Testing an Operation of Prototype for Automated Assessment: Case of Visitor Profile of Gauja National Park", 26th International Scientific Conference ‘Research for Rural development 2020, the presentation available here:;
  45. 30.05.2020. 5th international mobility accomplished, "Mobile Tartu 2020".

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