Nudging for Behavioural Change to Improve Households’ Waste Management


Summary: This research project will study behavioural insights of recycling efforts among the households, exploring the potential of nudges in the promotion of sustainable consumption and circular economy. The scientific excellence of this project lies in the multidisciplinarity: the application of social psychology in increasing the efficiency of existing recycling approaches by altering the behaviour of private households, thus, contributing to existing policy efforts in environmental protection.

Implementation period: 01.01.2021. - 31.12.2024.

Project number: LZP-2020/1-0303

Funding/programme: Fundamental and Applied Research Programme (Latvian Council of Science)

HESPI role: Project implementer

Cooperation partners: N/A

Project funding: 300000.00 EUR

Contact person (e-mail): Vineta Silkāne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Involved staff: HESPI research staff Agnese Dāvidsone, Anna Broka, Linda Veliverronena, guest researchers Jana Simanovska, Inga Belousa, Andris Saulītis, master's students - guest research assistants Armands Aivo Astukevičs, Anna Karolīna Ozola, Gerda Ajanta Gaile



Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

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