Student innovation labs – a way to sustainable and socially responsible growth (INNOLABS)


The EU has defined smart and sustainable growth as one of the priorities (EU Strategy 2020).An essential part for reaching these priorities is innovation. The aim of the INNOLABS project is to support transfer of creative, bottom-up innovation approaches for fostering smart and sustainable growth based on more experienced partners’ knowledge in the Netherlands and Denmark.

Project aim is to create student innovation laboratories in the project partner universities – Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in Latvia, Estonian Academy of Arts in Estonia and Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus.

Project duration:

September 2014 – August 2016

There are following activities in the project:

1) Study visits;

2) Feasibility studies about innovation conditions in partner universities in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus;

3) Elaboration of development plans for innovation laboratories in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus partner universities;

4) Student co-creation projects in the newly established innovation labs in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus;

5) Development of methodologies and guidelines for innovation labs;

6) Different dissemination activities.

Project is implemented by the lead partner “Foundation for Society” (Latvia) in cooperation with project partners Stichting NHL (The Netherlands), Alborg University (Denmark), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), Interfusion Services (Cyprus), Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia) and Stockholm Environmetnal Institute Tallinn Centre (Estonia) and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia).

The other partners who represent countries with lower innovation capacities (Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus) want to learn from this experience, test the approaches and establish similar labs in their countries, making long-term, interesting and innovative projects and businesses which are sustainable, socially responsible and are recognizable in the region where the innovation model is operating.

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