Wood for Youth

Wood for Youth is aiming to enhancing the competitiveness of young individuals in the woodhouse industry through interactive training programs and practical instruction. The choice of wood as the focal point stems from the evolving needs of the construction sector, which seeks low carbon footprint solutions. To facilitate this transformation, there is a growing demand for motivated and skilled labor capable of leading change within the industry.

The project's primary objective is to develop training programs tailored to the target group's characteristics, including their motivations, aspirations, and preferred learning methods. By incorporating this valuable insight, the project aims to create modern and engaging training program, increasing student motivation to enroll in the training programs and pursue rewarding careers in the woodhouse industry. The ultimate goal is to train 150 young individuals, equipping them with competitive skills applicable not only in the woodhouse sector but also across the construction industry as a whole.

The study program utilizes a combination of e-learning and practical lessons, enabling trainees to learn at their own pace and choose their preferred study times. Each program comprises a mandatory general module, providing a foundation of knowledge, as well as specialized modules offering practical lessons. Practical sessions take place in production facilities or on construction sites, depending on the chosen specialization. Notably, students from across the CB region will have the opportunity to participate in practical lessons abroad, broadening their exposure and experiences. Furthermore, optional modules serve as preparatory courses for those interested in pursuing further studies in the field of prefabricated timber buildings.

Duration: 36 months (01.03.2023 - 28.02.2026)
Total budget: 2 259 591€
Leadpartner: Estonian Woodhouse Association
Other partners: TTK University of Applied Sciences, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finnish Federation of Woodworking Industry, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Project results:
- Three training programmes
- 150 youngsters have equipped with new competitive skills in woodhouse industry

The Wood for Youth project is co-funded by the European Union under Interreg Central Baltic Programme objective 6. Improved employment opportunities on labour market.



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