At the hackathon, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences will look for new ideas for using wood materials and technologies

At the hackathon, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences will look for new ideas for using wood materials and technologies

In order to promote innovations in wood processing and the production of value-added products, as well as in the use of technologies, 23-25 ​​2024 Wood technology hackathon organized by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) and the Vidzeme Planning Region will take place in Valmiera in February.

Specialists in the construction of wooden buildings and the wood industry, students, information technology specialists, engineers, etc., are invited to apply. Interested or industry enthusiasts and experts who have ideas on this topic. We also invite companies that are ready to offer their employees' teams and time to develop innovative solutions in the following topics: Digitization in the construction of wooden and clean buildings; Reusable and transformable scenes; Transformable wooden interiors.

Director of the ViA study program "Sustainable building construction" (New Construction School) p.i. Marija Katrīna Dambe:
"While implementing the study program of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences "Sustainable building construction", we have already established excellent cooperation between students and employers-industry entrepreneurs and organizations, and the hackathon is another form in which we can strengthen both cooperations and contribute to the creation of synergies between industries for them: in the production of wood products, in the construction of wooden buildings, in information technologies, etc. This spring, the "small hackathon" confirmed both the potential of ideas and the demand for this form of creating innovations. Therefore, we are sure that the February event will contribute even more to the industries."

"The fourth Vidzeme wood hackathon invites entrepreneurs, students, and industry professionals to get involved in creating innovative solutions for the wood industry. Emphasizing the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation, experts and students of the wood construction, forestry, and IT industry are invited to use their knowledge and experience to jointly find solutions to various challenges and make a significant contribution to the more effective development of the wood industry," says Ieva Kreile, a senior expert of the Vidzeme planning region.

A hackathon or idea marathon is an idea generation event, during which established teams create new and innovative solutions to various identified challenges in a short time. A hackathon is a meeting place for representatives and enthusiasts of various levels and professions. You don't need to be a professional to participate, the event format is not just for students.

The common goal of presenting ideas is to promote the cooperation of the municipality, higher education institutions, businesses, and various other groups of society for the development of business in the Vidzeme planning region.

The ideas created during the hackathon belong to the teams that created them. If the team wins one of the challenges, it is invited to participate in the implementation or further development of the idea together with the author of the task.

Language of the event: English. You can read more information about the event, as well as apply here:

The wood technology hackathon will take place in the Vidzeme Entrepreneurship Center project of the Vidzeme Planning Region "Entrepreneurship Support Measures in the Vidzeme Planning Region", which is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway using EEA grants, as well as the Blended Intensive Program (from English: Blended Intensive Program) support.

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